Michelle Speaks

There are speakers, there are comediennes, and there are singers.  Rarely do you find all three in the same person, but that’s exactly what you’ll find in Michelle O’Connell

As a seasoned speaking professional, Michelle O’Connell has spoken to tens of thousands giving her messages of hope, instruction and inspiration.  






Michelle’s Speaking Topics


Loving yourself into live your very best life

Outrageous Excellence..No mediocrity allowed

The Perfect 10

Are you living the life of your dreams?

Check your Life Level®


 Let’s start by looking into the past and explore what is holding us back.  What are the old messages that play over and over in our subconscious mind?  Why do we continue to repeat negative patterns again and again?  How do we apply positive affirmations in changing our behavior, and our daily thought patterns?  Have you spent your life wondering, I shoulda, woulda coulda? Learn how to change old paradigms, and create new patterning for your life. Learn how to create and step up your “Life Levels”®


Participants will learn how to:

  • Acknowledge the Now
  • Release the past programming
  • Create the life you were meant to live
  • Live a life of Outrageous Excellence


Everyone else deserves love……What about me……?

  • Accept yourself for where you are right now
  • Love yourself into who you want to become
  • Get out of your box and live!!!!
  • No one is just like you…celebrate your originality
  • Enjoy every moment of your life….



You alone are holding yourself back from living the life of your dreams!

Most people walk around dreaming of their ideal life.  Just hoping that one day it will all magically change and poof!!!!!!!!!!  My dream life is here.   We are our greatest deterrent to the life we desire to live.  Why?  We need a belief in ourselves, the belief that we are capable, good enough, smart enough. Ever since I can remember, I did not let the words of others affect what I wanted to do, or desired to be. I remember years ago a boyfriend said to me “You will never be more than a $40,000 a year person, tops”.  “I, however, will makes millions!”  I thought, oh yeah!  I realized he was just trying to build his own self esteem by trying to quell mine. In his opinion, “I was not good enough”. I can remember teachers, coaches, parents who said “You are not thin enough to be a dancer.”  “ You’re not pretty enough to have the lead in the play.”  “You are not smart enough to be in this class.”  I always had the same reaction…Says who? YOU!!! We can only compete with ourselves…we are unique…We should never be demeaned by someone else’s opinion.


Participants will learn how to:

  • Find your dreams and passions
  • Compete against their own meter
  • Clean up the past…and let it go
  • Find their talents and unique abilities
  • Have increased self confidence and Self esteem!




Women often suffer from guilt, low self esteem, and often walk around thinking they are less than perfect because they are not SUPERMOM, SUPERWIFE, SUPERDAUGHTER, SUPERWORKER, etc.  Not Good Enough for Women will focus on women specific issues that affect the self-esteem and self- confidence of women.



Provider, Father, Worker.  In the past 30 years, the male role has changed significantly.  Most men wonder “What is my role”? Caught between several schools of thought as to what his role is, most men get caught in not feeling good enough, by not defining what their specific roles are in society. Pressure to keep up with the Jones…to be the best golfer at the club, to balance parenthood and work. Not Good Enough for Men will help define roles and focus on finding success in all the various roles each man plays.


One of the most confusing times of our lives is our teenage years.  It is during these years that we are defining who we are, and what we will do, and how we will make decisions that affect the rest of our lives…..Teens often fall prey to not feeling good enough because they listen to their peers.Teens feel pressure by society to fit into molds created by celebrities, or supermodel fashions.  Teens will discover how to find what they really want.  They will learn not to compete with anyone. Teens will learn that this is the time of their lives to shine, and how to set their future in motion.



Why do we accept mediocrity in our lives?  Why do we accept less than we deserve? Why do we settle for part of a life?  We all have levels of comfort.  If given a billion dollars, some would still buy a simple house, some would buy a house worth a million dollars, and some would buy an island.  We all have levels. I am just saying….”live on your level”.  Once, while we were travelling, I had a friend that decided she needed new white sports socks…nothing fancy…just a pair of no-name white sport socks.  I suggested going to a popular inexpensive retailer for the socks.  She was shocked at my ignorant suggestion. We then had to go to a very famous upscale department store at the mall for her white socks. I personally do not need designer socks that are that expensive…she did.  Live at your level, and accept nothing less.  Most people live on levels less than they desire.   Most people except mediocrity in their lives on many levels.  Let’s do a level check and see where we are, and where we want to be.  What is excellence in your life?  What is the level of outrageous excellence in your life? 


Participants will learn how to:

  • Find the various levels of your life
  • Learn how to achieve higher levels
  • Let go of mediocrity
  • Live a life of Outrageous Excellence




Celebrate the uniqueness of you


We each have a uniqueness…we need to celebrate our diversity instead of trying to fit the same mold. “Each women is like an instrument in the symphony of life…each has a different sound, a different shape, a different purpose, but together we can make beautiful music…we can create great masterpieces together.”


The perfect 10 is a humorous, yet very inspirational program geared towards women age 12 and above. One minute you will be laughing in hysterics, and the next, you will be crying tears as Michelle O’Connell takes you on a journey through self-esteem, self-expression and celebration of the woman you are, and rejoice in the woman you are becoming.